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Narrating books for spiritual transformation.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I am a former educator working from home as a website coder and virtual assistant.

I live a quiet life focused on occult pursuits. I’m fascinated with the search for truth, and am especially drawn to the study of Rosicrucianism.

Through Librivox, I volunteer to read public domain books. Librivox’s goal is make all public domain books available as free audio recordings. I’ve created a YouTube channel to post shorter recordings which present the work of various philosophical, Rosicrucian and New Thought authors.

If you feel inspired to write, or have a suggestion for future recordings, please contact me.

Audio Books

Some of my favorite books to record have been written by James Allen, but I also enjoy reading books from other New Thought authors on occultism, psychic development, abundance, intuition, and the power of thought. I am continually recording new material. If you enjoy self-help audio books, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified as they become available.



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